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ALLÔ VICTOR is a team of professional retouchers based in Canada.

We offer our services worldwide to individuals, companies, agencies and photographers.

Our portfolio:

Portfolio de retoucheur photo - Allô VictorPortfolio de retoucheur photo - Allô Victor
Portfolio du photographe de produit - Allô VictorPortfolio du photographe de produit - Allô Victor
Portfolio de retoucheur photo - Allô VictorPortfolio de retoucheur photo - Allô Victor

Photo editing services for all

Our services are available to everyone who needs photo editing, whether you are an individual, a company or a photographer. Our services are adapted to your requests. Here are some of our most requested services:

Services for Individuals

For the individuals, we edit mostly portrait, family photos and important events such as weddings.

In general, we are asked to calibrate one or a batch of pictures, change the background of a photo, remove an unwanted element, retouch a face or restore old or damaged pictures.

We can fix anything in a photo, just ask !

Services for business

Business, advertising agencies and magazines use our services especially for retouching portraits, products, but also for elaborated photomontage.

Services for photographers

We help photographers in their work by offering fast and professional photo editing services to meet theirs delivery deadlines. Our specialties include portrait / fashion photography, real estate photography and products. We also do a lot of clipping path jobs.

We can do both high volume and high end photo editing.

It is very important for us to adjust to the style and demands of the photographer. We can also work for other photo editors.

How to hire us as photo retoucher / editor?

We offer our services 100% online. It's quick and easy.

  1. Contact us, describe all your needs and ask for a rate for your project.
  2. Image transfers can be done directly via email or through online file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive ou WeTransfer.
  3. Payments are 100% secure via Paypal (no account needed). The following payment methods are accepted: Bank accounts or debit or credit cards.

Ask us for a quote !